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My mother, my sister, and I went to the Irish Fair again. Here are some pictures.

A couple of pictures of of the snowy mountains from the parking lot.


The entrance to the fair.

Ken O'Malley and the Twilight Lords.

What is that blade on the far right of the picture?

It's the Kingdom Key!

A few of the many shops selling wares.

For a few dollars you can take an archery lesson. Here is a picture of my sister with her instructor.

And here is a picture of me with my instructor.

I got to ride on an elephant named Rosie. They also had another elephant named Dixie.

Rosie, posing for the camera.
Well, it's been a while hasn't it? 

My birthday was on December 30th. My family took me to Downtown Disney. Unfortunately, the pictures I took aren't great.
I'll post the best ones.



 My sister took better pictures. Maybe I'll post them later.

This may seem a bit random but...

Isn't this Cinnamoroll coin purse so cute?! I found it on Ebay a few years ago and saved it in my pictures.
I want to clip it to Polyvore so I'll post it here on Live Journal.

Does anyone else find it funny that Cinnamon does not have a dark nose yet he's a dog and dogs have dark noses when the Sugarbunnies are bunnies and do have dark noses?

This is a little late but..

This is the best Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance trailer I've seen yet!


My Hat, And My Sister's Corgi



My sister's corgi Balyn, looking rather hammy.


L.A. County Fair Trip 2011

My mother, sister and I went to the L.A. County fair again.

I got a new hat.
A lone stuffed bear rides the sky tram.Read more...Collapse )

Soom's Faery Legend and Amelia Thimble

 Doll Soom's Faery Legend dolls have come a long way since I first wrote about them. They even have a male faery now. Apparently, they are about the same size as Barbie and I believe they can share some of her clothes. Though, I don't believe the Faery Legend ladies are as curvy as Barbie, so it's probably more likely that they can share clothes with a Momoko doll.




  This Amelia Thimble idea from Wilde Imagination seems really cute.

Blythe 9th Anniversary Charity Exhibition

So, the Blythe 9th Anniversary Charity Exhibition is almost over. Of course, I don't have money to buy any of them. But this is my favorite one.
I'm not familiar with the manga that this doll's outfit is based off of, but I do like Baby, The Stars Shine Bright.


 Though, this one's dress is nice too.


 I also like the musical note embroidery on this one's shorts. (Please pardon the small image.)


Some Post Easter Humor.

Either those are really large chicks or that's a very little girl. Though, that basket full of eggs is large, so...

And some real humor.

L.A. County Irish Fair 2011





Archery: After a while my hat started slipping down my head, obstructing my view, so my instructor put it on top of her hat.








The Celtic Tiger...Or, just a giant, inflatable, saber tooth tiger slide...


Driving of the Green.



           And last, but certainly not least, a little St. Patrick's Day humor.


L.A. County Fair 2010

                            On September 29th 2010, my mother, my sister, and I went to the L.A. County Fair.

               My sister is King Taco.


                                                            I don't like how I look in this picture.


                                                         This two story Venetian carousel is the most beautiful carousel I have ever seen.

                                                        This dinosaur statue was outside the building that housed the Jurassic Planet exhibit
                                                         which was filled with audio animatronic dinosaurs (well, some weren't AA) of all sizes.
                                                                 A pirate woman statue.




                                                                            This statue is outside the fair's art gallery.

                                                         This angel statue is actually very colorful but you cant see it in this picture
                                                          because the sky was starting to get dark when I took it.

          This kangaroo was at the Mojo's Jungle section of the fair.


                                                              This picture is a bit fuzzy but I think it has an impressionistic
                                                              feel to it.

Yet Another Birth by Sleep Trailer

I have something to say about the latest Birth by Sleep trailer: Yay!

Haley Joel Osment does an amazing evil laugh.